Malika Salieva

  • Front Desk/Administrative/HR
  • Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Mar 01, 2019
Part time Clinical Applications Data Management/Analysis Health Information Administrator Help Desk/Customer Training Medical Records

Personal Summary

I am a 2018 graduate of UCI with a bachelors in Anthropology with a clinical and research experience in medicine. As an aspiring Ophthalmologist, my desire is to gain the utmost knowledge and exposure to better prepare myself for the field of medicine. As an anthropology major, I have covered a broad range of classes varying from social to biological sciences. I have taken various courses that have taught me to be less ethnocentric towards others.I also had a unique opportunity to take part in a Special Olympics World Games over the summer 2015 as a Delegation Liaison for team Russia. Through this opportunity, I was able to connect with athletes with disabilities and make special memories. During my senior year at the UC Irvine, I had the privilege of conducting my own independent study. Under the supervision of my academic advisor, Dr. Sheila O’Rourke, I was able to conduct a research study about the inner community of the medical field. My experiences as a researcher also vary widely concerning medicine. As of January 2018, I have joined an Ophthalmology research lab at UC Irvine. Along with the world renowned immunologist Dr. LBachir BenMohamed, I have been working in laboratory to develop a clinically acceptable vaccine strategy to reduce or eliminate ocular and genital herpes infection including recurrent diseases. The techniques learned included: immunology, virology, molecular biology, DNA/RNA extractions, PBMS, cutting cells, and various other techniques. My experiences went beyond the medical laboratory and into the classrooms. Interactions ranged from taking various chemistry and biology classes, volunteering at a hospital to becoming an intern at UCLA Ronald Reagan hospital where it involved more nurses and physician interaction. My time as a clinical researcher, as well as my time shadowing physicians, has given me the opportunity to connect with patients and staff on a personal basis. My wide range of interactions has provided me with confidence and compatibility necessary to work effectively with people in various settings for a maximized productivity. My recent employment at the International Housing Office has given me communication skills where I feel comfortable emailing, answering phone calls and assisting visitors at the office. Also, I have conducted various business tasks such as copying, printing, and organizing that might be beneficial in an office environment. As of Summer 2017 I have joined the Environmental Health And Safety Department at UC Irvine where I learned more about lab safety and beyond.

Work Experience

Behavioral Therapist
May 2018 - Oct 2018 Behavioral Health Works
  • Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans created by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Clinical Supervisors

  • Motivating clients and helping them reach their highest potential

  • Allow my positive and solution-focused spirit serve as a model for the clients and families on

    a daily basis


Bachelors in Anthropology
- Jun 2018 UC Irvine